If your question is not answered in the list, please email it to us at: info@tevs.com.au

Routine consultations are available between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

No, we do not charge for travel if you are located in our service area. Travel charges are included in the cost of your consultation.

To see whether you are in our service area, please look here

Yes, we do offer an after hours emergency service. The cost associated with providing this service is expensive, so the costs associated with an after hours call out are proportionally higher.

Yes, we do require payment at the time of the consultation. Our veterinarians accept cash, Visa and MasterCard.

Yes, we are always happy to provide estimates of treatment costs. Please note that unexpected variations or complications in your horses’ illness may result in further costs being incurred.

Upon payment of your account in full, we are happy to provide digital copies of your radiographs.

When requested, we can make copies of our radiographs available to interstate veterinarians. Our practice has an online repository and a 30 day link to our radiographic study can be emailed to your own veterinarian. Your veterinarian will have instant access to our DICOM files, which will allow them to provide their own advice, with the knowledge that the images they are assessing are of sufficient quality to be relied upon.

When there is a medication registered with the AVPMA for use in horses, Tweedie & Associates will always use that medication. We will not substitute a commercially available, registered medication with a compounded medication.

Our clinic will not dispense bottles of Xylazine, Sedivet or Dormosedan. If sedation is required for a specific purpose, one of our veterinarians will be happy to attend and administer sedation.

Please note that our clinic will not dispense antibiotics without a prescription. A prescription can only be written when there is an established veterinarian-patient relationship. In keeping with this, prescriptions for antibiotics will not be provided unless one of our veterinarians has examined the animal and made an assessment of the condition for which antibiotics are being prescribed.



All equine veterinary emergencies, call (03) 5977 5250

Pre-purchase Examinations

Manage the risk associated with the purchase of any horse.

Worm Egg Counts

Parasite resistance is a common problem, implement a strategic parasite control program.


In partnership with Groupe France Elevage we present Australian breeders a selection of the best breeding stallions France has to offer.

Equine Faecal Blood Testing

An accurate, fast, affordable, non-invasive, stall-side test to screen for bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract

Highest Standard of Care

Tweedie & Associates are proud of the results and satisfaction we give to our clients, we are committed to the highest standard of care.