Our clinicians are approved Australian Stud Book Veterinarians and registered as Authorised Implanters with the Department of Primary Industries.


Microchipping involves having a chip with a unique number injected into the horses’ neck. When a microchip scanner is passed over the area where the chip is implanted, it detects the chip and reads its’ unique number. This is used as a form of permanent identification.

When implanting the chip, our veterinarians clean the area and use a small amount of local anaesthetic to decrease the discomfort associated with the procedure. The microchip will be inserted into the nuchal ligament of the neck. The microchip will be on the left side of the neck and implanted approximately mid-way between the withers and the poll.

All horses registered with the Equestrian Australia and competing in official competition must be microchipped. All horses microchipped by our practice will be registered with Central Animal Records. Please note, that Central Animal Records must be notified if you change your address or sell your horse. If you sell your horse, a change of ownership form will need to be lodged with Central Animal Records.


Our veterinarians are available to assist with completion of many types of certification, including but not limited to the following;

  • Insurance certificates
  • Identification for registration with Equestrian Australia
  • Identification to satisfy the requirements for an FEI Passport
  • Australian Thoroughbred Studbook
  • 45 day pregnancy certificates
  • Scratching certificates
  • Return to racing certificates