18 Jul 2019

The coughing horse can be one of the most challenging things at times to quantify and identify the cause. Knowing the cause is so important. Horse can cough for a number of reasons: Infection Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage (EIPH- Bleeding) Inflammatory Airway Disease Separating the cause can often involve some detective work. The first start […]

13 Apr 2016

Why I didn’t ‘fail’ your horse! Equine vets performing pre-purchase examinations are often unfairly accused of being unduly harsh on a horse and “failing everything”. Understandably, vendors are often upset when a sale does not proceed on the basis of advice given by a veterinarian. However, it must be appreciated that veterinarians have a wealth […]

01 Mar 2016

Tweedie & Associates – Myth Busters Series She’s gone marbles! After a lifetime as a horse owner and many years as a veterinarian, I have seen, heard, learnt and occasionally used, many of the word of mouth tips and tricks that circulate within the equestrian community. Some are great but others really need to be […]

18 Jul 2019

We as horse people usually call the Carpus of a horse the knee. The stifle of a horse would be better described as a knee, however the carpus of a horse is a big problem area for horses that re performing galloping work. Horses performing fast work can often present with carpus pain, or more […]

03 May 2017

In the daily update of the video vet diary by Dr Mike Tweedie, today we discuss why we would perform a lungwash in a horse for a coughing horse and also lameness exams under saddle. Please feel free to at any time please send us suggestions for topics to info@tevs.com.au